I’m Dr. Antonie Post, nutrition scientist and a freelance health and nutrition writer.

I strongly believe that diet should be defined by what you eat – not what you don’t eat.

I also realized that true health comes from dedication to yourself and thoughtful behaviors to enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being. It definitely doesn’t come from following external food rules or a number on the scale.

This wasn’t the case until very recently. I actually stopped believing in diets a long time ago, but I was still unknowingly captured by diet mentality and the “health and wellness approach”.

In 2018, I’ve been diagnosed with histamine intolerance and food allergies.

Facing the fact that it was suddenly vital for me to follow a certain diet, everything changed. Dieting wasn’t working for me anymore (it actually never had!) and when I started looking for alternatives, I came across intuitive eating. Naturally, I’ve heard about it before, but I’d never been ready to truly consider it. But finally, I was ready and by diving into the intuitive eating and the non-diet, Health at Every Size Approach, suddenly everything felt into place.

I strongly feel that encouraging people (and myself of course) in reconnecting with their internal body cues, building back body trust, and cultivate a healthy and peaceful relationship with both food and their body is my true passion and I’ve made it my mission to promote the Health at Every Size Movement in Germany.

Interested in working together?

I’d love to hear from you! Email me at antonie[at]salatzumfruehstueck.de or fill out the form below.

My blog is written exclusively in German, but you can also connect with me in on Instagram where I share more non-diet living, intuitive eating and body image healing motivation and resources both, in German and English.

And in case you’re wondering why my blog is called “salad for breakfast”, there are two simple reasons for that:

1. Salad for breakfast makes me happy. And cake, too, by the way ;-).

2. If you listen to your internal cues, it might result in some – conventionally spoken – “strange” eating habits. But who cares? I’d like to encourage you to keep them anyway. That is what the subheading says: “Eat, what makes you happy!”